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Исполнитель: Now I See

Название песни: Press X to GTFO

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Дата добавления: 2014-09-13

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Текст песни

Hey guys, I've fucked your dreams
You know exactly what it means
You have no fucking chance
Even doing best you can
You don't know what she likes,
What makes her smile, what makes her cry
Step away, don't waste your time

Every single word you say means nothing
'cause you're all hypocrite
Step away! Step away and try to accept
The fact that all your attempts are useless

Drowning in her eyes... (it's all your fantasy!)
I'm supposed to cry... (how pathetic you are!)
Still she ignores my love...
What did you say? How dare you call this "love?"
Choking on my words... (so awkward!)
Heart's about to stop... (OH NO!)
You're falling down but she cares no more
But she cares no more...

You are another generic trendhopper, that's right
A slave of fashion, it owns your mind
Gossiping friends make no sense, here comes another distress
Like a snake discarding its skin, sooner or later all of them will disappear
When you'll face a real trouble
What nonsense would you going to babble?


In fact, you're not so bad (though you are not so good)
So many girls around you, what's up with your mood?
No matter how many big words you'll say
It's obvious with whom she will stay

She is so beautiful and kind...
But I must leave it all behind...

Chorus x2

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Now I See - Press X to GTFO

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