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Исполнитель: Die Antwoord

Название песни: Liewe Maatjies (ost Тачка №19)

Продолжительность mp3: 03:42

Дата добавления: 2016-01-23

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Текст песни

Uh this is it
A whole lot of blood, sweat and tears
But it paid off, I finally made it
Here I am
Living the dream...

Yo this is the f**kin coolest
Check my nuwe f**kin Pumas
Grab your phone take a picture
When you see Yo-Landi Vi$$er and the NINJA/

Lifes tough, hard times can kill...

Sometimes I grab the microphone and go ballistic
Sometimes I grab the mic and skop it like a chill.
This one's goin out to all my gangsters
Dik getinte vensters
Kwaai spoilers
Gedropte suspensions
Spiff rims en kak gevaarlike engines
All I wanna do is zoom zoom zoom
Met 'n poes every doem doem doem
Die Antwoord's n mindf**k soos die fokken Matrix
Have goose bumps from the base kicks

Hello al my liewe maatjies
if other gangsters saw me like this...
Hello al my liewe maatjies
all my blacks all my coloureds, all my whities.
(I see the clouds get so deep/Die motherf**king antwoord het jou lief)

Whats that bru I got the good stuff?
I can get you hooked up
My lullaby's float like a butterfly
Sting like a poesklap
There's a heavy calm in the middle of my storm
Geen fokken skaam, skrik vir niks soos die fokken son
Dik fokken gees
Die Ninja moves free
From the cape flats to the overseas
Skop ek kak gevaarlike poetry
this world is dark, but light reveals the shape of things at night.

Translation :
"Hello al my liewe maatjies" -> "Hello all of my beloved friends"(in a child-like manner)
"Check my nuwe f**kin Puma's/" -> "Check out my new f**kin Puma's (shoes)"
"Dik ge-tinte vensters" -> "Thick tinted windows"
"kak gevaarlike engines" -> "shit dangerous engines"
" met 'n poes" -> "with a 'poes'"
"Die Antwoords is 'n motherf**k soos die fokken matrix" -> "Die Antwoord is a motherf**k like the f**kin matrix"
"Die mutha f**kin antwoord het jou lief" -> "The mutha f**kin atwoord loves you"
"skrik vir niks soos die fokken son" -> Afraid of nothing like the f**kin sun

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