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Исполнитель: Drake

Название песни: Im Ready For You

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Дата добавления: 2017-01-07

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Текст песни

R.I.P. to the girl you used to see,
Her days are over. Baby she's over,
I've decided to give you all of me,
Baby come closer, baby come closer,
I'm ready for ya!,
Kill 'em all, switch it up,
Put it on, zip it up,
Let my perfume, soak in in your sweater,
You say you'll be here soon, sooner the better,
No option for her, you sayin' no,
I run this game, just play your role,
Follow my lead, whatchu waitin' fo,
Thought it over and decided tonight is the night,
(Background voice)
Yeah I hear you talkin', don't know who you tryin' to flatter,
Got my mind made up. I-I-I'm ready for ya,
I'm in control, but with you bein' a man,
You don't seem to understand that I-I-I'm ready for ya,
I-I-I'm ready for ya,
I-I-I'm ready for ya,
So keep thinkin' you the man,
'Cause it's all part of my plan,
I-I-I'm ready for ya,
Nothin' on, I strut around,
I do it big, I shut it down,
I wonder if you'll be able to handle me,
Mental picture, no cameras please,
(Background Voice)

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