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Исполнитель: Beyonce

Название песни: Wishing On A Star

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Дата добавления: 2014-07-14

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Текст песни

I`m whishing.
I`m whishing .
On a star.

I`m wishing on the star.
To follow where you are.
I`m wishing on a dream.
To follow wath it mean.
I`m whishing on a rainbows that i see.
I`m whishing oh a peole who really dream.
And i`m whishing on tomorrow rains never comes.
And i`m whishing on the other things we never don.

I never thought i`d see the time when you would be.
So far away from home.
So far away from me.
Just think of all the moment that we spent.
I just can let you go from me,we were meant.
I didn`t mean to hurt you,but I know.
In the game of love,you reap wath you sow

I feel it`s time we should make up,baby.
I feel it`s time for us to get back toghether.
And make the best of things,oh baby.
When we`re toghether.
(Let`s get toghether,baby.
Whether or never

I`m whishing on a star.
To follow where you are.
I`m whshing on the dream.
To follow wath it means.
I`m whishing on rainbows that I see.
I`m whishing on the people who really dream.
Hoping all the days to comeand days to go.
Hoping on the days of loving,loving you so.

Baby,forgive me.
Let`s make up,I`m sorry.
Let`s be toghether,breakup?
The love we hawe seems special so far
Til we get back from wishing on the star.

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Beyonce - Wishing on a star

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