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Исполнитель: As I Lay Dying

Название песни: Forsaken

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Дата добавления: 2014-07-30

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Текст песни

I've looked straight into your eyes
And turned my head for the last time
Because I was scared to leave these walls in ruin
Like the fate of those who trust in themselves
We are alone and afraid

I know you are the one we left behind
Yet somehow we are the ones who feel alone

I will no longer turn my head
I will never forget you
You are the one we left behind
You are the forsaken

We've built our confidence
On broken dreams now left for dead
Yet we've been condemned
To chase these dreams that never end

Our selfishness consumes us
Until the whole world is not enough
Forgive the day that I erased your name
For it's the memory of me that will decay

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As I Lay Dying - Forsaken

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