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Исполнитель: Anth & Dara & The BeatBox Hitman & IWillBot

Название песни: Love The Way You Lie

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Дата добавления: 2014-07-03

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Текст песни

I've been tryna figure out a way of what I wanna say
But everytime I'm about to say it, my pride just gets in the way

But tonight that aint' the case, I came to say what I wanna say
My mind can think whatever, I promise I won't obey

I've been fighting through the stress, tryna get if off my chest
But I guess, you're the only who truly knows me best

And we fighting every other day, but now it's nothing new
It's another typical day of the life of me and you

Some things you just can't fix, that's the way it gotta be
So I put the blame on you, then you bring it back on me

Don't you see that we throwing these problems up in a circle?
And if we continue with it, our love will never go further

It's the truth babygirl, don't act like you don't know
Everybody else does, we easily let it show

We holding on to something that we will know never last
So maybe we should call it quits and just leave it in the past, what you think...

Been here for a while, feels like I'm stuck now
This is the reason why I didn't wanna settle down

I know I love you, but love is so complicated
And now were both debating on something that love created

But it's so hard when you fall in love at such an early age
Different girl, same story, you're just scared to turn the page

So I break into a rage, fresh up outta the cage
I can't even look at you, I got nothing else to say

You begging me to speak for at least 5 minutes
40 minutes go by and we still ain't even finished

What the hell do I do? To finally prove to you
That there ain't another man that will love you like I do

You say you found another; I say I found another too
But we both know deep inside that's not really true

It's only me and you, and nothing will come between us
So if it's really love, I just hope we really mean it

I try to hold in my tears, but I just cannot do it
I know you ain't worth it, but I am about to lose it

Wait, what am I saying?! Cus baby you are worth it
And people call us cray but we like to call it perfect

One second I wanna kiss you, the other, I wanna hit you
Lying, cheating, fighting, what couple don't got issues?

I'm about to snap, and like magnets we attract
But no matter how bad, we just keep on coming back

I promise that I've changed,
I promise I'm not the same
I can promise this that and that,
But I know that I'll never change

I can't get away, I'm addicted to the pain
You always made sure, I'll never fall in love again

You're the pieces to my pule, you complete me so it seems
It was never my intention to smother you in my needs

The moral of the story, is I hope you understand
There' ain't another man that will love you like I can

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